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Dare We Say It? We Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

A potential buyer will gaze at a book cover about four seconds and then flip the book over to read the back cover. On average, he or she will spend just seven seconds here before they decide to put the book down or keep reading.


Judging Books by Their Covers

By CBSNews


The COVER STORY we have for you this morning is quite literally THAT . . . a story about book covers, and their future. It's reported by Erin Moriarty of "48 Hours":

They're part of our visual landscape - easy to take for granted. 

Sometimes the cover of a book (like "The Godfather," "Catch-22" or "Jaws") can be as memorable as the book itself. 
"Book covers are important," said publisher Jamie Raab. "You go into a bookstore and what do you see? You see covers. The bookstore experience is about the design, the color, the shape, the feel. I mean when you walk into a bookstore, sometimes you're overwhelmed. But aren't you stimulated by the art? And it is art. READ MORE...



In 2011, two titles on USA Today's bestseller list were self-published. In the same year, 11 self-published books appeared on the New York Timesbestseller list.


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"Having a good story," is not enough to guarantee success. We hate to say it, we wish it wasn't true, but it's not enough. Writing may be an art, but publishing is the packaging. Like it or not, no one reads the book before he or she makes a buying decision. Consumers do not read it in the store. Sales reps only carry book covers and jackets to show store buyers while wholesalers and distributors say "just send us the cover copy." All buying decisions are made on the illustration/design and the sales copy on the outside of the book. Yes, packaging is everything.



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