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Why Self Publish?

There is so much talent out there, but there is also a lot of competition! It is less risky for a publishing house to publish a known, successful author (or public figure) who based on current controversy or name recognition will drive book sales, than it is to take a chance on a new author who will require a lot of marketing and publicity to persuade readers to buy your new book. If you are not beautiful, television publicity may not even be an option; that is the harsh reality. READ MORE...

Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your manuscript for review, we highly recommend you take some time to review your manuscript one more time in its entirety. Keep in mind you are about to submit a book that may be published and available for anyone to see and read. Following you will find important guidelines for the submission of your manuscript.

Format of Manuscript

Photos, Graphics and Table

If the acquisitions department has approved black and white photographs, graphics, tables or charts in your book, those elements need to be handled in a special way to ensure a high quality and professional product. This also applies to you if your manuscript currently has photograph captions, journaling lines or text boxes.

Our design department is Macintosh based and uses Adobe products (such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator). We do not use Microsoft Word when we "design" your book—we only use Word to edit the manuscript—so any content that isn't words or sentences needs to be removed from the main manuscript file and submitted separately so they can be properly inserted at the design stage.

We consider all aspects of the manuscript (including images, captions, charts, and tables) to be the "content" of the book. All content must be submitted in the appropriate format in order for production to begin. We cannot accept your manuscript if it violates any of the following guidelines. Again, it is for your benefit that these issues be taken care of so that we can provide you with the best product possible!

(If you can create a PDF of your table, make sure it is formatted to a 5.5" x 8.5" page, allowing an inch all the way around the page for margins and labeled the same—Table 1, etc.)

You must own the copyright to an image or be licensed to use it in order to include it in your book. Merely mentioning where you found the image is not enough. Images taken off the internet are not free or public domain.

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