Why Self Publish
We believe every book should have a chance to compete in the marketplace. To ensure that, we combine our knowledge and experience in the book industry with innovative book marketing tools. We provide real advice and help every step of the way.
* Wholesale printing costs on any size book order
* Nationwide book distribution
* 100 % royalties (after- third-party retailer's fees)
* We won't sell you what you don't need or can't use
* Complete transparency. Every fee is disclosed up front.


In 2011, two titles on USA Today's bestseller list were self-published. In the same year, 11 self-published books appeared on the New York Timesbestseller list.

What Sets Us Apart

We know what it takes to publish a good book, and our staff is dedicated to providing our authors the best advice about book covers, formatting, editing, printing, and marketing. There are more books being published today than ever before. In order for a book to stand out, it needs to meet (if not exceed) the same quality standards as a similar book published by a well-known author or large publishing house.

We work fast but we also pay close attention to craftsmanship. Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our on-demand books from offset copies. We are equipped with the most advanced technology in the world delivering great products in the most efficient and effective manner and we are committed to continuous improvement as new innovations prove viable.

We want you to succeed and reach your goals as an author. We won't just tell you what you want to hear in order to make a sale or quickly move you along through our process. We approach each project from an intelligent business perspective, armed with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

About Us

Aaron Book Publishing is a Christian-based publishing organization with a mission to discover and help unknown authors break into the marketplace. We place high value on talent and share a passion for the written word. We believe your talent deserves the opportunity to be shared with the world, even if you're not gorgeous, famous, or infamous for that matter!

Join the ABP family today and make your dream a reality!